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UTS and RFNSW Invites you to The Chain Of Responsibility (COR) & Safety Management Information Session ON 28 NOVEMBER 2018

RFNSW Dangerous Goods members with UTS will be holding on 28th Nov from 2PM-5PM at Fairfield RSL. 14th Anzac Avenue, Fairfield, NSW 2165 a seminar on CoR and Safety Management Systems.

Seminar Invite: 5 DECEMBER - Transport surcharges - everything you need to know Plus RFNSW Container Meeting straignt after

Surcharges have been the transport topic for 2018 and will continue to be the hot topic for 2019. Nothing has caught media attention and industry comment quite like them.

Many businesses object to them and/or the manner in which they are imposed. Once imposed, businesses are faced with the further dilemma of whether and how to pass them on further down the chain. At each step, businesses run the risk of legal challenges based on misleading or deceptive conduct, unfair contract terms and cartel laws.

This seminar will explore everything that you need to know about surcharges, including:

  • what they are and what can be included in them
  • are they regulated, or could they be in the future
  • can they be passed on
  • when might they be invalid
  • tips on implementing them
  • tips on dealing with them once imposed
  • how not to fall foul of misleading or deceptive conduct, unfair contract and cartel laws when dealing with them.

Are surcharges really the evil that they are made out to be or are they simply a feature of the commercial transport landscape? Join us and contribute to the debate.

Please RSVP to register for this seminar and further event details are below.

We hope to see you there and there will be a RFNSW Container Sub-Committee Meeting after this session. Please let if you are attending the sub-committee meeting.

Key Speaker

Nathan Cecil

Holding Redlich, Partner

Nathan is a partner in the national transport group. He works closely with businesses in the shipping, logistics, road transport, commodities and offshore sectors, specialising in providing commercial and regulatory compliance advice and resolving disputes.

Nathan has developed a reputation for providing commercially responsive and business-driven advice and assistance. He has been recognised as one of Australia's leading industry experts in the Transport sector, having been listed as one of the 'Leading Australian Shipping Lawyers' in Doyle's Guide of Leading Lawyers since 2015 and 'Australia's Best Lawyers' in the AFR Best Lawyers in Australia guide in the areas of Transportation, Shipping & Maritime, Trade and International Arbitration since 2016.

OSOM Report

The independent report into the over size over mass system has been released today by the Federal Government following approval by the state ministers.

It is now time to review the report and to consider the next steps.

rt health- Seated Massage Work Site Visits

Healthy employees equals a healthy business. Partnering with rt health makes it easy to bring health and wellbeing to your workplace.

Why invest in a health and wellbeing program?

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve work performance and productivity, increase engagement and reduce costs associated with absenteeism and presenteeism. This does all three.

One study found that on average, worksite health promotion programs:

  • decrease sick leave absenteeism by 25.3%
  • decrease workers compensation costs by 40.7%
  • decrease disability management costs by 24.2%;
  • save $5.81 for every $1 invested in employee health and wellbeing. (1)

You're in good hands with rt health.

There are many things which set us apart from the big health funds, such as the fact that we're Australian owned and operated, not-for-profit and run exclusively for Australia's transport and energy industries. Most importantly, our members rate us. Research shows that more rt health members recommend us to their friends and family than members of any major health fund (IPSOS, Health care and insurance in Australia, 2017).

Exclusive benefits for Road Freight NSW members:

  • Waiver of 2-3 month waiting periods (for Extras only)
  • $100 welcome gift card

We'd love to come talk to your people about rt health ... but we don't like to show up empty-handed. How does a seated massage visit sound?*.

Please contact Alison Weatherill on 0467 000 717 or to organise a seated massage site visit for your team.

(1) Australian government Comcare, Benefits to Business: the evidence for investing in worker health and wellbeing.

* Seated massage offer only available to members of Road Freight NSW

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