2023 Conference

Freight Going Forward

With a focus on the upcoming NSW State election, we focused the conference this year on the influence of government policy in the freight industry, bringing together politicians, regulators and industry stakeholders to speak directly to our members about their plans going forward.

Speaker Summary

With the NSW State Election only weeks away, we brought together politicians from all sides to engage on a discussion about the future of the freight industry. Regional Roads Minister Sam Farraway spoke on behalf of the Liberal Government while we also heard from Opposition members John Graham and Jenny Aitchison. Additionally, we announced a special keynote speaker on the day in federal Labor Senator for WA, Glenn Sterle.

Members were treated to a round table discussion hosted by Ann Lopez the unique challenges operators faced in the current climate. We also heard from some of our partners with Alex Davis from BP discussing the future of fuel and Tony Pimpinella from iCare discussing injury prevention controls. Finally 2023 Local Australian of the Year, Amar Singh spoke about how freight issues influenced his own charity, Turbans 4 Australia.

Award Winners

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Professional Driver of the Year

Jake is a heavy haulage, heavy vehicle operator for Carter Heavy Haulage & Transport. After joining the business at age 21, he now holds numerous formal qualifications & licences 
in freight. He provides an exceptional level of customer service and ensures breakdown rates are extremely low. He oversees qualified heavy vehicle mechanics to maintain and present his fleet to the highest standard. Jake constantly communicates with customers to manage and monitor their expectations, engaging with clients at every step of the project.

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Emerging leader of the year

Caitlin joined the industry at JATEC Transport in April 2022 and was hands-on from the get-go. Even though she joined in a management position, she went on the road with the drivers to better understand their role – even though it meant 2am starts.

Caitlin has spoken at high schools on behalf of TWAL to encourage young people to consider a career in the transport industry, . Caitlin also speaks at universities, advocating for the transport industry and encouraging business graduates to consider a career in the industry.

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Transport Woman of the Year

Sally-ann entered the industry in 2010 after she and her husband purchased a 1995 Mack truck. The Eather Group is now a multi award winning and very successful business with a fleet of 18 heavy vehicles. Sally-ann has been instrumental in driving and maintaining accreditation in the group’s ISO’s, NHVR Mass Management, CoR and is driving their journey toward becoming a certified B Corp. She has implemented training with the NSW Institute of Civil Infrastructure, an EAP and is continually evolving internal programs to promote company culture.

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NSW Best Safety Culture Award

Andrea is employed by Orange City and Cabonne Councils as their Road Safety Officer. She has demonstrated a serious dedication to her work involving road safety, not only in her local area but for all road users. Andrea’s role is primarily as an educator in the community with a focus on behavioural change programs to facilitate safer road user practices.

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‘Presto’ Preston
Outstanding Contribution to the NSW Trucking Industry

John is an industry veteran, working in the transport industry since 1985 and starting Alliance Transport in 2008. John is committed to ensuring that the container transport industry is given fair and equitable representation at all levels of policy making. He has participated on industry department led committees, speaking out about the challenges the sector face in the fight to deliver an efficient and economical freight delivery service for importers and exporters in the Sydney and NSW market.

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CEO Award

Habib, who was CEO and later COO of BagTrans for many years, is an example of the professionalism of a CEO in a tough industry.

A tough negotiator, fair taskmaster and unfailingly polite. Habib has been someone 
who has, like clockwork, consistently delivered on his word to the industry and also his many employees. Habib now runs his own Business, HSE Services, and provides expert advice to 
the industry.

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